We sell

We offer high-quality pallets that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. On our production site we make cheap and high quality pallets: CP, VMF, industrial, disposable and custom pallets.

The pallets we sell are made ​​of high quality wood; pallets and boards can be processed according to ISPM15/IPPC requirements and dried up to 18-22% moisture content.

  • New EUR EPAL pallets, which are manufactured under license;
  • Used EUR-pallets, which are repaired in accordance with the repair standards of the European Pallet Association;
  • We offer the largest selection of used pallets in Lithuania, more than 30 different sizes and 2-3 types for each size.
  • Steady provision of pallets; 55000 units are in stock;
  • Delivery in Klaipeda and Siauliai within 2-3 hours;
  • Pallets are dry, without any smell or colouring; all of our products are stored indoors;
  • Pallet repair services, which are especially relevant for companies that use EUR-pallets or custom pallets;
  • Exchange of pallets that are not used or other containers for our pallets, other production, or exchange of pallets that are out of use for repaired or new pallets;
  • Lease of new and used pallets.

In order to ensure a successful and long-term cooperation, we always consider the customers' needs and expectations.

We can ensure that you will always be satisfied with our service, quality and timely performance.


Quality guaranteed!